Friday, September 22, 2017

Two More Finishes

I'm continuing to alternate Mill Hill kits with the free cover kits from some UK magazines.  Once I put Santa's Secret aside earlier this week, I picked up Buttercup Kitty by Mill Hill which had already been started.

Buttercup Kitty
Finished: 9/18/2017

This was stitched with the materials in the kit, although I did use two strands for the cross stitching instead of three.  I also used beads for the eyes instead of french knots and I just noticed that she's  missing her whiskers.

I let my granddaughter go through my stash of Mill Hill ornaments and pick one for me to stitch her.  She chose this one and once I find out if she wants a pin, a magnet or an ornament, I'll FFO it and give it to her.

This kit is from 1995 and it's amazing how much the instructions have changed.  Also, all of the beads were done with a half cross stitch, even the petite ones, and there is no treasure.

Once this was completed, I picked out a cover kit to work on.  
Happy Birthday Hedgehog
Started: 9/19/2017
Finished 9/21/2017

This is the free cover kit that came with World of Cross Stitching #258 and I knew immediately that I wanted to stitch it.  It's stitched as charted with the materials in the kit. 

It will be FFO'd and put in my box of unknown purpose.  My daughter is doing a craft boutique in early November and I'm planning to place all of the items still in the box in a basket on her table to see if anyone will buy them.

Next up - Wanda's Hat from Mill Hill

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

WIP Wednesday - 9/20/2017

My only current WIP this week is Santa's Secret, a Dimensions Gold Petite kit.  I'm now approximately half way done with this project so it's been set aside for awhile.  The Dimensions Kit SAL Facebook group has a SAL a couple of times a month and I will pull it out again for the next one.
Last Week

This Week

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

WIP Wednesday - 9/13/2017

I only have one WIP to show you this week.  I continued stitching on Santa's Secret. My current goal is to complete it to the halfway point before setting it aside.  

Progress as of 9/6/2017
Progress as of 9/13/2017
The dark shadow through his eyes is from the hoop--I just removed it to do the scan.  There's a lot of backstitching in this piece, but the shading gives you a realistic picture without it.

This is a Dimensions Gold Petite kit and I'm stitching it for the Dimensions Kit SAL on Facebook.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

WIP Wednesday - 9/6/2017

I have two currently active WIPs (and many more inactive ones). 

The first is Buttercup Cat from Mill Hill.  When my granddaughter was here at the end of August, she went through my Mill Hill ornament stash and chose this one for Grandma to make for her.
 I set it aside to participate in the Back to School, Back to Stitching SAL in the Dimensions Kit SAL Group that began on September 1st.  
Starting Point

Current Progress

Friday, September 1, 2017

Happy Dance - Popcorn Card

Started: 8/23/2017
Finished: 8/30/2017

This was the free cover kit with Cross Stitch Crazy #233.  It's stitched using the materials in the kit except there are a few unintentional customizations, mostly in the tassel on his hat and the mitten with the bird on it.

Although I've stitched a couple of these lately, I don't really like the finishing since the cards don't perfectly (or sometimes even close to perfectly) line up with the stitching.  I still need to FFO this one.

BTW, this is my 25th finish of the year, most of them being fairly small.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Miscellaneous Photos from August

Our church has a prayer garden and one Sunday Janice caught Kyleigh there.
Because SAC closes for a week before school starts, Kyleigh spent some time at our house while Janice and Devin were at work.  For some reason, three kittens appeared in our driveway and one was extremely friendly and followed Kyleigh around.  It's big for a kitten, but it definitely isn't a full grown cat.  I haven't seen any of them since.
This was her expression when Janice told her she couldn't keep it.

Also because SAC was closed, Janice, Devin and Kyleigh took a short vacation to San Diego and spent some time at a hotel Devin stayed at when he was a child.  Kyleigh had a chance to view the eclipse while there using special glasses provided by a local library.

Yes, she's in the water.  She's a fish and spent a lot of time there.  She also got to ride a paddle board some friends she knew from SAC had and some kind of floating device that Janice rented.  That's her standing in the front.

She also got to do the ropes course at Belmont Park.
All in all they had a wonderful time and plan to make this an annual occurrence.

Important Day in My Family

August 29th is important for two reasons this year!  First today is the first day of fourth grade for Kyleigh. She met her teacher last Thursday and is excited to have a man this year.  Below is this year's obligatory 1st Day of School picture. 

The second reason that August 29th is important is that I gave birth to my daughter on this day in 1981,  That means Janice is celebrating her 36th birthday today.  We can't get together tonight, because both David and Devin work, but we're making plans for Thursday.